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Rob Grant
Founder & CEO

Real Estate
A TargetedSearchMedia Company

Founded in 1996, was one of the original pioneers in internet search. Over the last decade our company has evolved into one of the leading technology firms in the domain media and direct navigation space.
Today, we represent the next generation in Behavioral & Geo-Targeted Internet Search.

Our global network of 6000 highly focused vertical domain channels provide advertisers with laser targeting and conversion rates far exceeding generic search engines.

Our innovative search platform is driven by direct navigation - one of the most powerful and intuitive processes by which consumers search the internet by typing a domain name directly into their web browser window.

For example, consumers searching for real estate in Atlanta simply type in and find exactly what they are searching for - without the distracting clutter, pop up ads and irrelevant results of conventional search engines .
Likewise, consumers searching for Hawaii Real Estate simply type in .

This unique and very powerful Direct Type-in traffic has been shown to convert at rates far above industry standards and represents a significant ROI for advertisers looking for extremely focused search marketing solutions. controls one of the worlds largest networks of premium real-estate and finance domains providing advertisers with a seamless marketing solution covering 90% of the global marketplace.

Our recent strategic partnerships with leading companies like and enables us to provide advertisers with radically new marketing solutions which maximize the full value of our highly targeted generic domain portfolios. represents the first company to offer exclusive Domain Leasing on a scalable, global platform providing companies with a unique opportunity to control premium, category domain names in markets around the world.

In addition to operating major portals like the, TargetedSearchMedia controls a diverse portfolio of highly focused domain verticals in education, sports, music, education, publishing, travel, and many other industries. We invite you to preview this cross-section of premium generic industry domains

To learn more about our customized search campaigns and geo-targeted search network, please visit our comprehensive global network and online presentation.


Rob Grant
Founder & CEO